The commode has a reputation that’s perhaps undeserved. Some consider it unsanitary, amusing, or even unusual, but this is an unfair representation of a device that offers assistance to so many. In reality it can offer accessibility, dignity and independence to many with a variety of incontinence related difficulties. To show its versatility and importance here are three very different takes on the commode that can offer help.

Stacking Commode with Adjustable Height

Stacking Commode Adjustable Height incontinenceThe Stacking Commode with Adjustable Height is a perfect example of a commode where function and ease of use is key. For individuals who require the assistance of a carer a simple aid such as this one is beneficial. For example, the lightweight design makes moving it to a different location much easier while still being a stable construction.

Additionally, the stacking feature can help with storage when not in use, particularly in locations like care homes. In the context of a care home the height adjustability is also an advantage, as it can be altered for different user’s sizes and comfort. Furthermore, the materials used are hygienic as they are easy to wipe down and disinfect after use.

Glideabout Commode

Glideabout Commode incontinenceThe Glideabout Commode is designed for those with severe disability related incontinence. By combining the features of travel wheelchairs and commodes it can be moved about a person’s home with ease. To ensure that the mobility aid is always stable there are lockable brakes on the castors, preventing any chance of rolling away while getting in and out of the chair or during use.

To help carers and patients further, there a number of other features. Swing away armrests and detachable footrests create more space to get in and out of the chair. The seat is also positioned to allow the commode to be positioned over the toilet if preferred. Finally, the materials used are designed to be corrosion resistant to aid cleaning and use in the shower.

Exmouth Luxury Commode

Exmouth Luxury Commode incontinenceThe Exmouth Luxury Commode aims to bring discretion to the usage of a commode. For those who have an incontinence condition that is not related to physical disability the commodes already mentioned may not be necessary. Instead, the condition may simply be a sudden urge to use the toilet, making availability and discretion more important than practicality.

The Exmouth is disguised as an ordinary chair you would find in a bedroom or reading room, meaning you can keep it close by in the case of emergency and no one will be any the wiser. This is especially useful during the night for sufferers of conditions such as nocturia. If a sudden urge strikes during the night the distance to a usable toilet is reduced by having the Exmouth in the room, reducing the chance of an accident.