Splash Bath Lift

Product Features
Splash Bath Lift

Have a relaxing bath

The Splash Bath Lift will gently lower you into your bath allowing you to have a relaxing bath.

Easy to use controller

With its big buttoned controller the Splash Bathlift is very easy to operate.

Weight Capacity

The Splash Bathlift can carry a maximum weight of up to 20 stone.

Splash Bath Lift

Amazingly weighing a low 9.5 kg the Splash Bath Lift can still lift a user up to 20 stone and is the lightest battery-powered bath lift on the market today.

A simple and practical bathing solution the Splash has a fixed back design which allows the bath lift to fit closely to the back of the bath resulting in greater optimised legroom. The seat of the Splash Bathlift goes all the way down to the lowest point within your bath resulting in greater water immersion providing improved personal hygiene.

When lowering users into the bath the Splash due to its solid and stable design has a very smooth movement making the user feel secure; resulting in a safe bathing experience. Equipped with a slim-hand control with large rocker switches the Splash Bathlift can be easily operated by users with small hands or those with limited dexterity.

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Splash Bath Lift

Reclining Backrest

With its reclining backrest, you can sit back and enjoy a nice relaxing bath in the Splash Lift.

The straight back of the backrest ensures you maintain good posture helping to alleviate aches and pains.

Easy to Clean

The Splash Bathlift is crevice free meaning it is very easy to clean the Bath Lift and requires very little time.

Furthermore the Splash Bathlift can be folded up into a compact size making it easy to store.

Splash Bath Lift

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